Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cheer me up….

bits 003

My Gran’s paeonies so fragrant

bits 002

My bedroom window French lavender and fragrant roses from my Mum’s garden

bits 001

the lovely roses in an old decanter of my Gran’s (Trixie)

bits 001

and finally this little beauty that I found at the weekend which is waiting to go into my new/extended unit at the Old Pill Factory that I am due to take over from next weekend.


  1. I can almost smell the roses - such beautiful blooms! Good luck with the 'extension'.

  2. I want that lamp! But G has cut my pocket money, sigh.

  3. alas my corner bed of peonies aren't scented...I never realised some of them were until I walked past a garden with a border bed by the pavement and WOW! it was exquisite!

    Good luck with your larger unit.
    Are you going to Glastonbury tomorrow?

  4. Lovely lamp and a vase of flowers always makes the day. take care, dee x

  5. Those beauties would cheer me up too. Abby x