Thursday, 25 March 2010

What a lovely day for taking the sun

I had a day out yesterday and passed these dynamic sculptures on the road to Honiton.

I went to Ilminster to the textile fair which was lovely, if a little squished!
In Honiton I bought a couple of embroidered cushions that will be making an appearance in the pop-up vintage store later in the summer.
Back to todays blog, with the sun shining we ventured a look into the allotment, Minnie decided that it was the place to settle and take the sun and watch the fishermen across the millpond. As I am writing this R2 is playing Chris Rea "on the beach", if only!

As you sharp eyed bloggers will notice, I still haven't lifted a finger on the patch but how beautiful it looks at the moment.

The path to my Mum's house is constantly changing, here is todays view.

I hope that you have a sunny day


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