Monday, 15 March 2010

Spring has sprung.....

 I took these photos in my Mum's garden this morning, how beautiful are the colours?
These plants reside in the borders that run up the path to the front door, later on they fill up with tulips & daffs and in the sunner are full of cottage garden flowers & lavender, I like to picture these borders as they change so often.

I started this mammoth task last year, Mum had wanted to liven up her rectangular side lawn, so we decided that we would turn it into a white shrub garden, and to break it up decided on a winding path made from recycled bricks. I started digging and building, the slope on the lawn from left to right does not look great but believe me when it came to packing & laying......I worked without a level and laid everything by eye, not professional but it worked. I can not take all of the credit as Michael also worked very hard on it in the evenings, especially after I insisted that when Mum went away for a few days I wanted it finished as a surprise. We worked during the very hot period last year and I got a lovely tan! The path has settled well and I hope to take it through the other side later on in the year.

We are hoping to have the first lawn mowing session tomorrow?!
Have a lovely evening


  1. Great to see you yesterday Tracey, it was quite an exciting fair in so many ways. I was so tired by the end of the afternoon.. needed 40 winks very badly! Have a good week, Lizzie x

  2. It's lovely to see the spring bulbs making an appearance. The colour of the crocus in the first photo is gorgeous.