Thursday, 18 March 2010

and now for something rather frivolous

When I stand at fairs, I jump in & out of the van lugging furniture & big bags of textiles and dress for warmth & comfort, jeans, boots, fleece, coat, scarf, hat.
I have met Lizzie a few times and she is always wearing a lovely vintage dress, as she was last Sunday when I was moaning to her that I can't find vintage clothes to fit me, then along came Katie, who was wearing a lovely skirt and she looked very pretty. As Lizzie said about me " you're not big, just a difficult shape", I totally agree, I am only 5'3, slim on the bottom half, small waist & pot belly, larger on top! So my staple look is jeans, top with a v and buttoned close fitting cardi. This is okay usually but after last Sunday at the Blind Lemon Fair in Cheltenham, I think for this Saturday at the Northampton vintage & homemade fair I need to make a better effort.
From my vast eclectic wardrobe I have sorted two different looks, so what do you think?
Dolly is modelling an animal print dress and cardi, the necklace is from some old pearls of my Gran's with a brooch that I picked up at the cb.and this would be worn with tights and boots, although not my favourite boots as they are really clumpy riding boots.

My pink clogs are comfy but at the moment can only wear with jeans as its too cold for bare legs
I was thinking of this red cardi with a tee and jeans
and animal print flats sort of Chanel/nautical
If the weather was sunny and/or as the fair is an Easter fair, how about colour in this 50's style skirt, it will have to be boots or green Mary Janes, but I don't think that I can stand in the heels all day!

What a dilemma!


  1. love the floral skirt.. but have you tried the animal print dress with black footless tights & the animal print pumps??? I find the black footless tights a real bonus & sooooo comfy too! Have a great weekend (almost there) Lizzie xx

  2. What about the dress over slim fitting jeans? All the girls are wearing dresses like that & you get the comfort & warmth of jeans with the glamour of a pretty dress!


  3. Love all of it but can't decide between flowery skirt or dress. Think you will look great whatever you choose.
    Ann x

  4. I've just found another dress that I had forgotten about I've had it for about 2 years and worn it once, this maybe the one WITH jeans but with a vintage twist!
    Oh the trials and tribulations!!!!