Friday, 19 March 2010

paws for thought !

Today I am waiting for the van to come home so that I can load it up for the journey to Northampton tomorrow, it has just started to rain - Brill!
I thought that I would show you what Flo and I did yesterday afternoon.
We went into the allotment to see how bad a state it is in, it didn't look too bad apart from my raised beds being covered in grass, aaagggh! However it does need a lot of work and I need to start planting I am very behind!

Supervisor Flo reminded me that I had bought some birch trees for my Mum's mini arboretum and that they really needed to be planted asap 
  So off we went to the arboretum, this angle doesn't show the trees that are already in, where the wheelbarrow is where I was planting, the only problem is that we have about 6 inches of topsoil and 2 feet of compacted hardcore, many years ago this area used to be my Grans veg garden and small orchard but my Grandad's business took over and so it was flattened for vehicles. Anyway Mum has let it go wild and it is a meadow in summer, we have built a log wall around for wildlife and we are putting in trees.
It took me about 2 hours to dig deep enough to be able to plant 3 trees, I have 2 more to do next week.

 In between the crevices in the wood wall Mum has put in bits and bobs, when the gaffer saw the teapot she decided that it was time for a break.
 So we all toddled off to see if the kettle was on????

Mmm I think I may have had a biscuit with mine!

Have a lovely weekend, I hope that you dodge the rain!


  1. I haven't done anything on my allotment yet either. It's still waiting to be dug over, and I've got things which now need planting. It doesn't look like I'll get down there today either, it's raining.

  2. How was your weekend? What did you wear???? I had a fab vintage number on at Shepton - would have been great on the telly! Thank you for your kind comments re my stall.... xx