Sunday, 15 January 2012

velvet beauty re-vamped.

carbooty jan 001 
Do you remember this velvet beauty, I have a collection of kilim cushions and Turkish rugs, leather Chesterfield and leather armchairs, most of which has been inherited. Although I would like to have a fashionably grey, minimalist interior, it just doesn’t seem to happen for me.
Back to the velvet beauty, she is a good height and very sturdy and the upholstery is well packed, the lovely green velvet is damaged. I love kilim upholstered furniture and decided to give her a new look.
stool & cook book 001stool & cook book 002
She is standing on a lovely old & very worn, holey carpet that I have had for ages, I have used it as a backdrop for my stall in the van. Apparently it was owned by a ballerina, which may or may not be true, but another reason why I couldn’t part with it.
stool & cook book 003stool & cook book 004
So inspired by the likes of Niki, I decided to give them both a makeover
stool & cook book 005stool & cook book 006stool & cook book 002
Unfortunately I had been working on the carpet and hadn’t hoovered before I took the pic, but I did want you to see her.


  1. Great look - now if only I had a nice stool and a spare carpet!

  2. She has much more character now! Great makeover - well done!

  3. Looking so much better now and has more of a story. I like you new banner too.