Tuesday, 3 January 2012

flower power

new year flowers 005

The bouquet of lime green, acid yellow and orange flowers that M bought for me for Christmas, some of my favourite colours, has been cut down and tidied up.

However today in Morrison’s they were unpacking potted hyacinths at £1.25 for 3 bulbs. I always buy loads, for home and displays in the shop or at fairs, and then plant them out later.

new year flowers 002

so put into beautiful bowls they will be taken to the shop tomorrow

new year flowers 003

new year flowers 004

not so much of a bargain, but on this dreary, windy, rainy day I had to didn’t I?

new year flowers 001

So with my spring flowers, first February magazine that hopefully is fresh and over the festive period, a bowl of homemade celery soup, Flo and I will mainly be staying in this afternoon.

new year flowers 004new year flowers 006


  1. Lovely colourful flowers on a rainy day :-) It is awful here gale force winds, torrential rain, roll on spring.....

  2. Super flowers and the bulbs are a bargain!

  3. The hyacinths look so full of promise in the pretty bowls - I can almost imagine the scent in a few weeks time! With the addition of tulips, this post has made me feel that winter will soon be over and spring is on its way!

  4. I love the bowls that you've put your hyacinths into. It was like a horizontal monsoon here today, so it is lovely to think of Spring.

  5. I love those filled bowls...you are such a Charlie Dimmock!!


  6. Oh Shirley you do make me laugh, although I do have a chest and natural titian streaks!
    T x