Monday, 30 January 2012

Never judge a book by the cover

edmund dulac 001

I came across this beautifully illustrated book, now, you know that I like a nice illustration, and with some of the subject matter being “Arabian nights” and stories of Middle Eastern Princesses, I was smitten.

Edmund Dulac illustrated this book to raise funds for the French Red Cross during WWI.

His original paintings of the fairytales sell for thousands.

They are very beautiful and detailed.

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Do you love them as much as I do?


  1. Love them! I still have that book and as a child I remember looking at the Princess and the Pea picture and being in awe of her ability to feel the pea through all those mattresses.
    Probably where my love for piles of eiderdowns came from...
    Julie x

  2. Yes Julie I think you may be right! Close up that picture is so beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful book! The illustrations are superb. Are you going to keep the book or sell it?

  4. What a fabulous book, each illustration is so beautiful. I know many dealers who buy books like this, then take the pages out and sell each illustration separately. I always think it is such a shame to do this.
    Hope you keep the book and enjoy for yourself :)
    Abby xx