Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Real women

life mag 003 

I have a folder full of Life Magazine & Picture Post glamour pictures, all from mid 1950’s. I like to think that they were collected by a young lady who not only aspired to be a starlet but also appreciated the beautiful clothes.

life mag 001

life mag 002 

My personal favourite, very “West side Story”, actually looking at this pic I am going to see if I can have my hair cut like this next time.

life mag 004 

Aren’t the dresses stunning

life mag 005life mag 006life mag 007

I do want to sell them but how do you display them in a unit or at a fair, any ideas would be gratefully received, I do not want to go to the expense of framing them, or should I?


  1. I think they'd look great in frames - even inexpensive ones as buyers could reframe them if they wished. Or you could see if you could find mounts & sell them mounted but not framed.
    Nice that women were allowed to have curves!

  2. yes, I agree that a nice cheap frame will allow you to display them and to protect them whilst they are on display. you do not want them to get damaged when people are looking at them. they are great.

  3. It is hard to display them all on a stall at a fair. I once put some old prints and magazines inside A4 plastic wallets (aprox £5 for 100). It meant buyers could look through them without damage to the paper. For the shop you could perhaps frame a couple for the wall.
    Love the hairstyle.... go for it!
    Abby xx

  4. What beautiful curves women had back in the 50's. I agree with Abby, plastic wallets are a good bet. I would put them in a locked cabinet though or people may damage them by thumbing through them. I think the hairstyle would definitely suit you.
    Jo xx

  5. How marvellous to see all my old favourites in one place. They were not small women in those days, MM was at least a current day size 16+. You should see BB nowadays, you'd be shocked when comparing her to Sophia Loren.