Sunday, 2 January 2011

This year….I would like.....

For Michael and I to travel more
Home & away
Christmas Day 2010 030 
more flowers, visiting gardens & stately homes, collecting more tins.
Seeing lovely stalls at Vintage fairs, no more icicles, early start = FEB.
P1010076Christmas Day 2010 001P1010059
more vintage fabrics, more interesting places
 more travelling west to east, Europe to Asia, Devon to Dorset.
more early starts more FEB's
more textiles and coffee in vintage ladies gardens
november dorset 004
More visits to lovely shops like The Dairy House & Nostalgia
november dorset 001november dorset 009
v&h nov 2010 (5)v&h nov 2010 (1)027    
More trips to the seaside please
more days out with Tom even if it is just to the fishing lakes for a few hours
Aldington today 004
No more snow please. 
more Roy Cropper impressions
phone pics 001
Unfortunately I seem to have deleted all of my seaside pictures from the past year, little trips to the coast are always top of the list.
I hope that everyone has a good start to the New Year and that Spring will arrive soon.


  1. Tracey - Happy New Year to you!...I'm sure some of your dreams will come true this year...
    Take care,
    Niki x

  2. Have a very Happy New Year Tracey and like you I am looking forward to all the vintage treasures I might find as well as selling some of course. Lets hope that Spring comes soon.
    Jo xx

  3. Wishing you a wonderful 2011,health,love, a nip across the channel to Normandie, lots of wondeful finds,happiness,grey peas and bacon, blackpudding ( can`t think of any more Black Country treats!!)

  4. Happy new year to you. I agree no more snow please ;-) I love your list of things to do i have a wish list that i add to every year and i make sure i tick at least 3 things off. Gorg pictures and i look forward to seeing all your new finds over the coming year. Bring on the spring. Dee x