Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Old Pill Factory today

Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 004
Pale cream, green & lilac another triumph for the girls.
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 003 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 002
I made the window with fabrics and quilt,
(click on images to enlarge)
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 006Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 005
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 008Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 001
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 010 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 013Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 009 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 011
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 012 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 014Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 015 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 016  Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 017 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 018 
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 019 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 020 
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 021 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 022
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 023 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 024 
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 025 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 026
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 027 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 028
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 032 Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 034
Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 037Pill Factory 27 Jan 11 036
My unit is a little cramped today, we are going back on Sunday to change around.
Michael is looking to his FEB at Huffkins, I fancy lunch but I don't think that his tummy would last that long! 


  1. Love the picture of the feet Tracey, I guess they are yours!! The Pill factory looks fabulous, I will be heading down that way when I have some cash (assuming I make any!) We are going to Stratford tomorrow to see about the unit so I will let you know how it goes...very exciting. My email is if you want to mail me anytime. Things seem to really be taking off this year. We will have to arrange our little meeting soon. Are you doing Totnes again? Both Mum and I were lucky to get stands again, I was very surprised as lesley was pretty inundated with requests. Speak soon and hope all is well.
    Jo xx

  2. Hello dear!
    I'm always here though the last week has involved a lot of to-ing and fro-ing! The shop and your unit looks absolutely lovely and I really must not look as I have to concentrate on things for the kiddies!!
    I'm pleased to hear you're fond of yellow and green - so fresh and delightful. Yellow gets such a hard time of it from the pink and blue brigade, but I say 'bring it on' !!!
    Now I have to catch up with your other posts :-)
    D x

  3. oooh.... I see the pretty quilt I sold you has been promoted to the window!! It all looks lovely, very spring like, can't wait for the sunshine now :-) Have a good fair at Honiton, I might see you there, Sophie x

  4. Lovely pictures i adore that Pink tea set think its for coffee? so many lovely things to look at. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  5. I'm going to study the windows very carefully from now on cos I've "booked" the window of the Tourist Info Office in Wimborne High Street for the week before the Vintage Fair.
    It's got little windowpanes, it's small and I need to be able to dress it quite quickly as there's not much "shop space" to spread out...

  6. The Old Pill Factory looks great....definitely on my to do list in the future.
    Julie x
    How is the "barbed wire" chandelier doing....sounds intriguing!

  7. Hi Tracey
    It all looks wonderful! I used to love having a shop just to dress the windows and then I was gutted when someone bought something and wrecked the diplay! I know that was the idea of a good window but I was just a little precious about it all!!! I do miss the window dressing part now but definately do not miss the "sitting in the shop" part!