Monday, 3 January 2011

off to the Old Pill Factory

new stock 011
I will be off to stock up the Old Pill Factory on Wednesday before taking Tom back to Winchester.
I have collected a few interesting items and will also be adding some colourful splashes.
The silk scarf/hanky is 1950's and has the Valentines theme of "I love you" in many languages, it is perfect and unique.
The carved corner shelf has been made up from very old naively carved folk art style oak, with sea serpants/creatures.
new stock 008
Hankies with horses & lace, doggies, boxes. I have started to infiltrate with Valentine stock as we will be away in Marrakech soon and I don't want to miss the boat.
I also have a lovely pale yellow set of steps a lovely bright yellow formica topped drop leaf table and other bits and bobs, oh for the Spring!
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  1. Sounds interesting, Tracey. Wish I could get to Witney.

  2. Wow your going to have an amazing time. Love the scarf and just the mention of formica sets my heart a flutter ;-) Good luck with getting all your stock ready. Dee x

  3. I am going to stow away in your luggage for Marrakech.....can you fit me and a Jack Russell in for the trip?

  4. I hope all is well with you both? The formica table sounds ace, I have one in green! xxx

  5. Will you buy in Marrakech ? show me a ferry plane or train and I am off given half a chance.
    lucky you xxLinda

  6. Hi Ladies,
    There is always room for a lady with a JR, I am torn about taking my lovely yellow table and to buy or not to buy,mmmm that is the question? Of course, I have saved my Christmas diram(?)!!!

  7. Have a wonderful year! I so love your doggie header love Annie xx