Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sherborne (Dorset) mock up!

Sherbourne practice 001
A new fair on Saturday, I have a pitch without a wall so I did a mock up today
Sherbourne practice 002
very pretty pink floral feather eiderdown
Sherbourne practice 003

Sherbourne practice 008
Sherbourne practice 004
I have tried to mix it up and produce more of a "brocante" feel
Sherbourne practice 006
my lovely 1950's veg rack
Sherbourne practice 010
basket full of hankies
Sherbourne practice 009
Sherbourne practice 007
I am trying to make it look spring like but not summery so have gone for blues & greens with a bit of pink,
Sherbourne practice 011
hopefully my little table will fit under the halls table, for textiles, a trug of blue & white china and a basket of Victorian terracotta flowerpots. I am also taking a rail of clothes & curtains.
I do hope that people will like my "new look"!
 I love garden stuff and have lots of different things from pots to tables, chairs, wheelbarrows, and this year intend to mix these in with my textiles.


  1. Looks as pretty desirable as always Tracey! I'm hoping to come along though it depends on other things happening at the w/e. Good luck!Cx

  2. It is looking good girl! See you there..... xx

  3. HI,just popped over to say have a great holiday ,and i am sure i will fit in your Cath Kidston bag so I can come to! love all the treasures for your stall, Linda x x

  4. Oo-er Tracey, forgot to say have a great holiday and want to hear all about it when you get back! Also BTW Sherborne is spelled like this. It has stuck in my memory 'cos I got my wrist slapped about this very same place name in another life for bad proofing - ouch! (Note my identity change thanks to Blogger which can't seem to differentiate between my two blogs!)Cx

  5. It will look fabulous - have a great time!

  6. Thanks Cecile - I have amended it straight away!

  7. Love the cheeky chap sneaking in to the top photo ! It all looks wonderful, have a great day Saturday.
    Ann x

  8. Looks great as always, good luck with the show on Saturday

  9. oo ooo ooo will be there to see you tomorrow (and pay for my skirt!)
    ps is it ok if I bring you some "V V H dates to be announced" flyers?

  10. The stall looks great, only wish I could make it. Good luck for Saturday.

  11. Hi. I have a stall tomorrow too - in front of the stage. I'll look out for you!

  12. I want it ALL I want it ALL and I want it NOW or I`ll scream and scream till I am SICK!!!

  13. Lovely display, hope it went well x

  14. Hi, all looks lovely although, having seen your stock at NM1 I can see how challenging the 'no wall' thing must be for you :)
    Love Lesley XX