Saturday, 1 May 2010

Too busy to blog !

I have again neglected my blog, for good reasons though, I am still "potting on" for my Mum's friend, trying to keep the veg patch up together, chasing round for stock etc,etc,etc, so to add to the list on a whim Michael & I decided to try having a pitch at Sunbury Antiques fair at Kempton on Tuesday.

Logistically it is a nightmare as to gain one of the few unbooked casual pitches, we drove down to Kingston & had supper with Michael's sister Pat & hubby John (thanks for the pit-stop), had a restless few hours on the sofa and then headed off 10 minutes down the road to get into the queue at 1am. We tried to nap until 2am when the gates opened, drove in parked up, tried to nap until 3am when we were given a pitch, parked up and tried to sleep until 6.30 when you are then allowed to set up, although setting up & trading for people inside starts much earlier ?!
It was a beautifully hot sunny day but impossible to take a decent picture, or maybe I was too tired to do it properly, however I did get some positive comments.
I met a photographer, Helen Marsden who said that I had a quirky English style, which suits me exactly and which I shall use in my next ads, more of Helen later.
It is amazing what sells & doesn't in different areas of the country, so my regular customers at Malvern will not be disappointed this month as most of my new stock was ignored !?

I am suffering from hayfever/bad cough/lack of sleep/tiredness so am unable to get to the wonderful Vintage & Handmade Fair today, I am so cross! I know that it will be a wonderful day.

I hope to be more positive next blog, oh and hello to my new followers and to my Mum's new chat room friends from America, Australia & Turkey. 

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