Friday, 21 May 2010

Thought for today......

I think that perhaps we all travel for days out or holidays and act like tourists taking in the history and beauty of places away from home and blogging about them.
Today we were supposed to be in London doing just that, however we couldn't go, Liberty & Anthropologie will have to wait for me again!, so I decided that I would go to our local Church and tidy the grave of Lloyd's Mum, Anne. I hadn't realised how long it has been since I last went, I am ashamed to say that it must be about 5 years, and she is only up the road.
I planted some pansies and chatted to her and when I had finished I thought that I would have a look around.
The trees looked beautiful in the strong sunshine, and were very shady underneath

Some of the much older monuments had beautiful carving

We are very close to Evesham Abbey and I believe that their must be a lot of connected history, I am unable to tell any as I embarassingly do not know!

However I had a lovely hour listening to the birds and wandering under the cool tree canopy.
I hope that some of you have been able to do the same and enjoy the day?
I am now back to the cooking/cleaning/washing/labelling & my Mum is starching linen ready for Malvern next weekend.


  1. Beautiful photos of the trees, they look so magestic

  2. Lovely photos - sometimes we overlook the beauty we see every day.
    I am one of those strange people who like graveyards - the old ones that is. Such a pity that nowadays there are all these rules & regs so there won't be any of the lovely & bizarre monuments & gravestones that they used to have.

    Jayne (will see you at Malvern!)

  3. Your photos were like a breath of fresh air for me today. I live in a city centre, without a garden. Though to be honest, a country-style churchyard is only a 10 minute walk away but I rarely make the effort to go there because it is not very attractive. In the other direction, the gate to the Close of one of the most magnificent English Cathedrals is less than 200 yards from my front door. Yet it is so often over-run with tourists (and a tea marquee) in spring and summer that it is off-putting. Give me a modest old churchyard any day.

  4. Hi, in cane across your blog on another site, did I notice you sitting with a beardie? Love your blog, look forward to Reading more .