Tuesday, 25 May 2010

dresses to impress

Obviously I was not destined to go to London at the weekend for a reason, this was it!
I happened across a pile of vintage dresses and fabrics

LIberty fabrics?

Fantastic early 20thC Sanderson faded curtains
I think that this fabric is Liberty, could the bird one be Celia Birtwell?
gorgeous Horrocks
beautiful stripes & florals (Horrocks on right)

maxi dresses

a large Liberty wool square

a length of polka dot silk

all I have to do now is price them up, which will be interesting!
They will all be coming to Malvern on Monday.


  1. Wow! What an amazing find! As a textile student and lover of vintage fabrics I'm very jealous! Tamzin X

  2. What a great haul - well done you!

  3. Ooh! Looks lovely! How big are your Liberty pieces?
    I'll see you on Monday at Malvern!


  4. Wow! Terrific finds - am so jealous! Might have to try and get up to Malvern on Monday if I can. (Thank you for your comment on my blog re your mother's silk PJs! Mine were snapped up at Frock Me! on Sunday, though I was sad to see them go.)

  5. Fabulous finds!! Love that first dress and the bird fabric. Wish I could get to Malvern :-(

  6. Well that's an incentive to go to the flea fair on Monday -it's only down the road and I always forget. have written it in large letters on my calender

  7. WOW! How exactly did you'come across' them!!!!?? what fabulous dresses you lucky thing!

  8. Hi Tracy, did you get my email?
    Donna x

  9. Have sent it again to traceyjoy address. Let me know if it still does not arrive :-)

  10. What a haul Tracy. Wish I could come to Malvern but sadly won't be able to. Have a great day.

    Sue x