Tuesday, 18 May 2010


As my camera is currently in New York, here is a quick blog for today.
This is a family shot of us with Lloyd and Nicola before they went off to see Nicola's daughter and grandson and to attend Jo's wedding, I think that it was last Saturday so they should have had a lovely day.
Unfortunatly we won't see each other en masse for a while, however Tom is flying out to visit with Gran in the summer holidays and he is staying out there to get some pheasant rearing, logging,shooting,driving experience before he goes off to Sparsholt College in September.
I am currently trying to juggle my diary and raise the finance so that Michael & I can go and visit before the end of October when it will get too cold.
In our efforts, we did our first Shepton flea market on Sunday, due to the weather I managed to get an inside stand on the balcony, we were pleased with the outcome and have booked the next one, however the day before is our Cotswold vintage fair, then Shepton & on Monday Malvern, it is a good job that I have Michael as I wouldn't be able to manage.
I was so surprised that this lovely towelling jacket did not sell, however a lot of my new stock went so I have this week to try and replenish with more interesting items, it's not easy today I travelled a round trip of 30 miles and bought one piece of fabric and some ribbons, yesterday I mooched around our local town and found a pinny!
I thought that I might nip over to a nearby antiques centre this afternoon, I am waiting for Mum to come back so that we can go up North for a good buying trip, maybe next week.
I have just read Sal's Snippets and must say I am very jealous that she can just pop to Ashburton, take a look it's lovely.
I hope that you have a more exciting/prosperous day!


  1. How funny! I think I remember your lovely stand but didn't realise it was you!!Did you have some wonderful covered boxes and embroidered blue cushions??

  2. Hi Clare, yes that was me!
    I will be there next time, come and say hello.