Friday, 23 April 2010

Wally & garden update

As usual the gaffer was supervising

I have been neglecting my blog recently as I have been working in a sweetie shop! Well not really, my Mum's friend runs a plant nursery and has been very poorly and is finding it difficult to pot on her mountains of plants, so I was volunteered.
I have however had the chance this afternoon to give you an update on Wally who is settling in nicely, and the change in Mums garden .
I have been using a laptop which I am not used to so I apologise for the layout, however I think that the pictures speak for themselves?!
I have managed to plant some runner beans in the allotment but nothing more exciting than that.
I hope that you ar able to enjoy the sun.


  1. Those tulips are divine! What did the braid look like? Would you like me to make sure you didn't leave it behind? xx

  2. The gaffer looks very much in control! I can just imagine him ordering you about with his furry little paw!The tulips looks wonderful.

  3. What a beautiful garden! Very inspiring, mine is a jungle and needs so much work, I'd love to have it looking even a little bit like this!
    Becky :-)

  4. Thanks for all the comments, however the flower garden is all down to the very hard work of my Mum.

  5. Hi, Many thanks for popping in the link to This'n'That:) Love the flower pics and ... what a happy little dog doing what all dogs (and my cats) do well ... watching people work!
    Lesley X

  6. Love those gorgeous blooms hun!
    Karen x x x

  7. The garden has really come to life, it's so colourful, lovely. Wally looks to have settle in well.

  8. Hi Tracey, thanks for your kind comment re my stock for Brighton. I love to read about your fairs as well as you always seem to have a goodly range of pretty treasures. Your Mum's garden looks beautiful, sadly neither my mother nor I have a garden (and I got chucked off my allotment!)so love a virtual wander in other people's.

  9. Wow! What a wonderful explosion of colour!It makes your heart sing...which is better than making me sing LOL!
    I took on an elderly dog 2yrs ago, he's 15 and a half years old, a really good dog, I feel I have known him longer!
    Sandie xx