Wednesday, 14 April 2010

How does the garden grow & here's Wally .......

I thought that I should do a garden path & allotment update, yes I have done some work in my allotment at last!
Firstly the path...
The daffs have gone over, the border is now full of muscari, tulips,hellebores, wallflowers, hyacinths. I love the way that the same border changes so dramatically in a matter of weeks.
Onto my allotment, I have dug most of it over and I know that I am later than most in planting but I have put in, jerusalem artichokes, broad beans, potatoes, carrots, fennel, radish, onions,shallots,chard, gooseberry & loganberry. I have revived my thyme, marjoram, mint, rosemary and have just got to finish tidying the strawberry beds and potting on the runner plants.
We live at the bottom of a lane but I did suggest to Mum that we should have a little stall and put a sign up the lane when we have excess, she also has "millions" of cowslips, foxgloves etc that we could pot up to sell.

In the shed I have also planted some sunflower seeds, lettuce in trays for cut & come again, chard in pots to grow on, in case my planted out ones get munched! Last year I grew chard for the first time in the beds, this time I have planted along the millpond bank as it grew so tall I think it will make a nice screen.

As always the gaffer was hard at it...

This leads me on to the latest addition to our tribe.......

Welcome to Wally.
My Mum has always had terriers since I was very young, also as a child her family had allsorts, a brace of bassets, staffy, terriers etc.
When her own last jack russell died she sort of inherited "Uncle Percy" who was a lovely old gentleman, then came the gentle old Poppy and now Wally.
The owners of these lovely old souls come into Mums life when they appear to be trying to find a new home for their beloved pets, when they know that they will be unable to care for them.
They come to live here and are loved and very well cared for in their last years.
Each one of them has a great individual character, but they all mess in together.
So here he is, our latest recruit, Wally, he's about 10 and can be a bit grumpy, but with me & Mum, Flo, and Daisy & Minnie (the day girls) he is a bit outnumbered.
Like Michael he will eventually learn where he comes in the pecking order!!

Have a lovely evening.


  1. Your garden and allotment look so lovely, our garden is gradually being dug up by our chickens !
    we are starting to fence bits off with 'chicken' wire so I can plant more.
    They didn't seem to touch the daffodils for some reason so I will be buying a great big bag of those in the autumn !
    Keep showing us how you are getting on
    Sue xx

  2. You're way ahead of me, I haven't got anything planted out yet. I love those primroses, such a delicate colour. What a lucky little dog Wally is to find such a lovely place to live for the remainder of his life, and the picture of the other little dog sprawled out made me laugh.

  3. It must be great to have an allotment. I love the cheeriness of your photo's!