Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Works of art

caroline groves
caroline groves 2
We all love shoes, the question is, if you could have a pair of couture, bespoke, beautifully embroidered shoes, would you wear them or just keep them under a glass dome to look at?
These beauties are from


  1. You could only wear such beauties indoors I think, at the opera or theatre perhaps. Otherwise, I would frame them and gaze in exquisite pleasure.

  2. oh I'd just HAVE to wear them!

    haha...the word verification for this is myershoo!

  3. As the 1st comment but, boy are they exquisite!

    Sandie xx

  4. You've been peeking in my shoe rack, Tracey! As you know I never go anywhere that involves more than a few tippety steps from limo to the door of the latest exotic venue (!)

    Btw - thank you for being so supportive on Saturday re my mum.

  5. Gorgeous.. would have to wear them, even for 5 mins! Lizzie x

  6. I NEEEEEEEEEEEED that first pair!!! Need them....neeed them......okay... I don`t need them but I so want them!!!

  7. Have to say, at my time of life I think I would just look (and how!)