Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Nursery & Mid-Century iconic fabric for sale.

fabrics for sale nov 002fabrics for sale nov 001

Vintage Sanderson cotton “Hippity – Hoppity” 1.5m L x 1.24m W, beautifully detailed illustrations. £48. Good condition.

fabrics for sale nov 003

Fantastic 50’s French “poodle” cotton fabric, 2 pieces available, 109cm L x 76cm W  £29. & 117cm L x 76cm W £29. excellent condition.

fabrics for sale nov 005

Vintage cotton/soft flannel back nice pale pink “bunnies & kitties” 240 cm L x 80cm W  £68. Very good condition.

fabrics for sale nov 006

Vintage cotton “Flowerpots” 108cm L x 106cm W £28 very good condition.

fabrics for sale nov 007

Vintage cotton “Noddy” fabric, 112cm W x 192cm L, Good condition £48

fabrics for sale nov 008

Vintage Moygashel “Old Woman that lived in the shoe”  cotton fabric, 5 pieces available, 150cm L x 120cm W £30 each. Very good condition.

fabrics for sale nov 009

Cranston Print Works USA, vintage cotton “Easter bunnies” print 115cm L x 115cm W £18.

fabrics for sale nov 010

Vintage cotton “Beatice Potter” characters by Warne & Co, 145 cm L x 122cm W £35 each, 2 available.

fabrics for sale nov 012

fabrics for sale nov 013

Lovely vintage 30’s/40’s “ducklings & lambs” pale pink background fabric. 122cm W x 184cm L. A few small holes at edges and some staining, which may come out with a few washes, but is hardly noticeable. £85

fabrics for sale nov 016

fabrics for sale nov 017

Vibrant 50’s barkcloth, (the colours are brighter & background is a much brighter yellow than the picture shows) 120cm W x 136cm L, a few small marks but nothing noticeable. Really fun fabric. 2 pieces available £50 each.

fabrics for sale nov 015

Heavy cotton 70’s vintage “Magic Roundabout”, 2m L x 80cm W, 2 available £30 each.

fabrics for sale nov 014

Vintage Disney cotton “Winnie the Pooh” fabric, 16cm W x 150cm L £28.

fabrics for sale nov 019fabrics for sale nov 020fabrics for sale nov 021fabrics for sale nov 022

Fantastic, unused Edinburgh Weavers iconic Eames/Conran era barkcloth fabric. Tree design in the most lovely lime green. approximately 10m in original condition. This is fantastic.

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