Saturday, 5 November 2011

Christmas decorations??

todays buys 5.11.2011 001 

If you are a regular follower, you have probably realised that I like decorative items and enjoy using them in unusual ways. This mornings buys all have a decorative Christmas theme to them (unintentionally, but these things happen).

The battered 50’s ice bucket speaks for itself, the vintage Balinese puppet is more lovely than the pictures show and I think would be lovely sitting on a mantlepiece.

todays buys 5.11.2011 002

A pair of Victorian prints of angels in tatty gilt frames, when I looked closer at the subject, I think they are Guardian angels. Again I can see them standing on a dresser base either side of a potted Christmas tree with lights and candles glittering.

todays buys 5.11.2011 003

todays buys 5.11.2011 004

and lastly, just lovely for a gift, a Bessie Pease Cutmann print, “On dreamlands border”

todays buys 5.11.2011 005

To Debbie who left a comment below, if you can email me I can reply to your queries.Thank you.


  1. I love those Guardian angel pics

  2. Hi - have you sold the angel prints? If not, how much are they and would you post them?!!!! Thankyou.