Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hey, is it November?

20th Nov 017

Today I took a few photos of my Mum’s garden, just how she has things, a gang of watering cans, china in a log wall,
20th Nov 019

20th Nov 014
I then came across, roses flowering?!
20th Nov 016
20th Nov 015
We don’t sit on benches here, mirrors under, brick gardens on top,
20th Nov 02020th Nov 021
20th Nov 022 
lovely rusty iron and old leather dog collars,
20th Nov 02320th Nov 024
rusty chickens and a herd of elephants,
20th Nov 025
20th Nov 026
an elephant welcome on the doorstep,
20th Nov 027 
primroses and cowslips,
20th Nov 02820th Nov 029
roses & arums.
20th Nov 03020th Nov 031
I think that it is a forewarning for a harsh winter, if and when it arrives, what do you think?


  1. It's bizarre isn't it .... we had thick fog this morning but by lunch time it had cleared and there was brilliant sunshine and warm enough to take my coat off. Lots of holly and firethorn berries round here and that's usually a sign of a harsh winter .... mother nature's way of supplying the birdies with plenty to eat. Lovely pics of your mum's garden. x

  2. Your Mum's garden is wonderfully eclectic! I like it a lot. My Wall flowers are blooming for the second time this year, it is truly odd weather.

  3. What an interesting garden!

  4. Great photographs - love the roses.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I've still got roses, lavender and geraniums in flower. Even the lilac tree has tried to bloom again. Lovely photos.

  6. we still have roses here, I love the oddities in our garden. we have odd old ornaments shoved into flower beds etc. Its great for kids when they come round.