Sunday, 10 July 2011

what a place to work!

criggion 10 july 2011 008

The woodland of conifers is over 100 years old, originally oak, felled for ships, a natural cathedral.

criggion 10 july 2011 007

eerie and beautiful

criggion 10 july 2011 006criggion 10 july 2011 018criggion 10 july 2011 020criggion 10 july 2011 028criggion 10 july 2011 035


criggion 10 july 2011 036

criggion 10 july 2011 037

1170 feet above sea level, Rodney's pillar(more info on Admiral Rodney), is a high plateau with the most amazing 360 views, I was gobsmacked, I don’t remember seeing such a view!

Liverpool docks 50 miles away, Snowdon 50 miles, just incredible!

I haven’t blogged the whole panorama, just some of the pics of Tom and the land that he is working

criggion 10 july 2011 046

criggion 10 july 2011 047

criggion 10 july 2011 051

criggion 10 july 2011 049

I had a lovely day out, Tom showed me his work and the land & wildlife, it was fantastic being in the wilds rather than the manicured/twee Cotswolds, I wish that I could have stayed for longer.


  1. Truly the most amazing place to work - what a wonderful landscape!

    Pomona x

  2. Wow, what a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. M x

  3. What a fantastic place - glad he's enjoying it.

  4. What a great job your son has. You must be very proud of him!

  5. Hi Louise, he hasn't finished college yet, he has another year to go, and then he will still only be 17 1/2, and he has already been offered two jobs.