Friday, 15 July 2011

Invitation to a party

fashion show 020fashion show 045

We didn’t actually have an official invite but who would miss the opportunity on a sunny summer evening to have a glass of Babycham and attend a vintage fashion show?

The scene was set…..

fashion show 007fashion show 046

I think Michael grabbed the best seat in the house…

fashion show 051

fashion show 013fashion show 014

The whole shop is dressed……

fashion show 001fashion show 002fashion show 003fashion show 004fashion show 005fashion show 006

fashion show 009fashion show 010fashion show 011fashion show 012fashion show 015fashion show 016fashion show 017fashion show 018fashion show 026fashion show 027fashion show 028fashion show 030fashion show 032fashion show 033fashion show 034fashion show 035fashion show 036fashion show 037fashion show 038fashion show 039fashion show 043fashion show 044 

and on with the show………(I am not a fashion photographer, as you can see)…

 fashion show 054fashion show 055fashion show 056fashion show 057fashion show 058fashion show 059fashion show 060fashion show 061fashion show 062fashion show 063fashion show 064fashion show 065fashion show 066fashion show 067

The dress below was brought in by one of the dealers at the Old Pill Factory, who has a vast collection of clothing, this particular one is not for sale as it was made in the 60’s by her Mother, an artist, who also designed and printed the fabric.

fashion show 068 

 fashion show 070   fashion show 071fashion show 072

What is your favourite period for fashion?

fashion show 073fashion show 074fashion show 075fashion show 078fashion show 079fashion show 080fashion show 081fashion show 083fashion show 087fashion show 088fashion show 089fashion show 093fashion show 096fashion show 097fashion show 098fashion show 100fashion show 102

Everyone worked really hard to put the evening together, it was fabulous and many congratulations to Fiona for pulling it all together.

fashion show 053

Oh yes, if you are wondering, Michael was fed before we went, The Old Plough in Witney is a very old Inn, with a lovely tapas menu, not knowing the portion sizes we over ordered, but M still managed to polish most of it off, and leave room for nibbles at the show!

fashion show 040

To finish, the window that greated the visitors, Lloyd Loom & toile

fashion show 019fashion show 021fashion show 022fashion show 023fashion show 024

A great evening, thank you girls and boys.

Oh yes and I bumped into an old friend that I hadn’t seen for 10 years, more of Shelley and her B&B in Burford coming soon.(If you are visiting and would like info, please get in touch or visit Cotland House)


  1. What a lovely evening and the photos are great. You had some brave boys modelling! I love the style from the 30's right through to the 50's but not so keen on the 60's & 70's. M x

  2. What a fantastic evening, the models look wonderful. I love the picture of M looking at all that lovely food, it looks delicious.
    Jo xx

  3. lovely idea, lovely evening, lovely pics!

  4. Looks like a great evening including the food and wine. I love 40s and 50s fashion but am fascinated by the detailing on clothing from earlier periods too.
    Ann x

  5. Looks fantastic! I love the fashions from the 40s and 50s, but those guys and gals make everything look amazing!

  6. That looked like a fantastic evening!

    Sandie xx