Sunday, 24 July 2011


flowers 005
flowers 004
flowers 006
the first three pictures are of a bunch of locally picked flowers £3, the second a lovely bunch given to me by my Mum from her garden.
As I was discussing with Fiona at the Old pill Factory the other day, I would like to have a home with muted palettes, sort of Scandi-French, but I gravitate towards jewel colours, so am more English Country Eccentric, and when there are colours like this, that could be described as clashing, if Mother nature puts them together then why not? If it’s good enough for her………..
flowers 003


  1. Both bunches look stunning - makes me want to be able to paint!

  2. dahlias are Mark's favourite flowers- if I could grow a flower to save my life I'd do it, but I can't even grow the leaves!

  3. They look gorgeous T! I'm all for clashing when they go together so well.

  4. They all look gorgeous, nothing like fresh picked English garden flowers! xx