Sunday, 3 July 2011

Today at the Old Pill Factory

topf 3 july 2011 001 
Firstly an apology, I was in such a rush to get back home to watch the Wimbledon final that I did,t stop to take many pics, secondly I forgot my camera so these few of new stock are on the mobile, hence the poor quality.
Bark cloth cushions in a very pale aqua floral, backed with linen made by moi!
topf 3 july 2011 003topf 3 july 2011 002
You maybe able to make out the two huge vintage specimen jars, I put them in the cabinet for safety, however I am hoping that someone will visualize them as I do, being used to display dear items, like Julie at The Cloth Shed does with glass domes.
topf 3 july 2011 006topf 3 july 2011 005
Two colourful containers the wooden trug is more of a petrol blue, the red metal tool box was a keeper but…………….
Rafa calls…….


  1. love the red tool box- I've just decided I need a tool box of my own with a hammer thats not so huge n heavy I can't lift it, and a tape measure that doesnt retract so fast it takes my fingers back in with it!

    Hope you have a good week on its way

  2. Thank you for the link Tracey...very kind...I do like my domes and glass jars....
    I know just what you mean about mobile phone picture last post was a nightmare trying to show the colours of my dyeing experiments with the ever changing light! Mr C.S. had "stolen" the all singing, all dancing camera that day....
    Love your cushions...
    Julie x

  3. love those cushions

  4. Strawberries and cream drizzled all over nadal.... whoops sorry did I say that out loud!?

    Well spotted you, it is an English picture, picked up for a song at a Lion's jumble sale early one Saturday morning. x

  5. Lovely goodies as ever, hope business is good there? Thank you for your quiet? xxx
    Have fun in Wales!

  6. PPS just noticed that you have the wrong date on your sidebar for VB in Frome. It is the 29th!!! xxx