Saturday, 2 June 2012

vintage fabric gadget cases


Gadget cases for iPhone and Android £9

Kindle cases £15

iPad cases £18


I commissioned cases for my iPod and Android, and thought that they were original and so well made, that I bullied my friend into making some more, as I knew that my followers would also love them.

They are all made from vintage and antique fabrics which make them unique. Each one is slightly different and they can not be found on the high street.

If you would like to buy one, please contact me,

Have a jolly weekend. 


  1. iphones...kindles...androids...ipads...blimmin' 'eck, down here in Dorset we've only just got the hang of the microwave!

    1. Hi Miss Bunny, the funny thing about that is that I don't have a microwave, when the last one blew up I decided I could live without one!! I wish the same could be said about my mobey!!
      T x

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