Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Dairy House today


A flying visit today with a van full of goodies, mostly slanted towards outdoor living, in readiness for the “Indoor living – outdoor life” fair to be held on Sunday. I have another van full to take down on Saturday.


English Country House, Mid-Century, French painted, shabby chic…… is all here and on Sunday more Gardenalia…..


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  2. The large grey hutch is stunning...

  3. thanks for your comment, have a great inside-out day!
    ps when we last went to USA I bought a whole stack of cola crates at a local swapmeet. Unfortunately they made our hold luggage overweight so had to be brought back as hand luggage.
    Mid-flight Mark asked where his books and magazines were...I'd had to jettison them in favour of 6 crates, two frothy 60s hats and a patchwork comforter and discovered that at 2a.m in the morning on an overnight transatlantic flight my husband can't see the benefits of a stacking bookcase, snuggly sofa throw and my vintage headwear over something to take his mind off insomnia and screaming kids!!

  4. It is all looking fabulous, have a brill day on Sunday! Lizzie

  5. I recently bought a lovely large enamel jug from your collection upstairs at The Dairy House.
    It has pride of place in the sitting room of my holiday cottage and has just featured in photo shoot for the cottage!

  6. Hi Ali -it is always lovely to recieve a picture of items that I have sold. I will put. link nd mention about your cottage on my next blog.
    T x