Thursday, 21 June 2012

I apologise……


Sometimes life can begin to feel like “Hell” (Hieronymous Bosch), but with no serious, major problems, just the daily grind and small stressful situations. I apologise therefore for not having blogged for a while, one of my main problems with being able to is that my laptop will not upload any photos from my camera or phone so I have to use my phone all of the time and then have to email them to myself!

Amongst all sorts of “goings on”, Tom is finally able to move into his flat that comes with his new job, and I am giving up my unit at Witney. I have been working hard in stocking my unit at Dairy House and am busy keeping it stocked.

I do have some photographs for you, Michael and I had a very rare day out last Saturday, we  jumped in the car and asked Flo “Devon or Wales?” when she had thought for a moment she chose Wales.


An old lady doesn’t like to walk over the pebbles,



We all felt refreshed after a run on the beach at “Southerndown”, the wind was bracing and salty, fantastic!!

Tom is now working here, managing the deer park and raising the birds for the shoot. From the top of Bredon Hill, the view is wonderful, the Malverns to the west and the Cotswolds to the east.


This rock in known as “the elephant”, Flo loved it up here.

I will try to be a better blogger and I do hope that you understand.

Thanks for sticking with me,

T xx


  1. So lovely to hear from you again. Hasn't Tom turned out well? You must be so proud.

    See you at the RAG market in Frome - I have a book for you. Cx

    1. Hi Cecile
      I wonder what it can be? I won't be there but I am sure that Clare can collect it for me. I will be at Dairy House the next day. I hope that you are well?!
      T x

  2. Oh my mistake as I thought you would be at the RAG. I'll hand it to Liz or Clare. I'm OK though now signed up for bereavement support as finding it harder than I thought. Looking forward to my darling daughter visiting from Australia in July. Do you have a regular day at DH?

  3. Dairy House is look good, very professional mad alluring.

  4. Lovely photos - what great views (despite the clouds)!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger