Sunday, 4 December 2011

New finds…..

newark fabric 002

Mum and I went for a day out this week, and I found these lovelies.

All vintage

newark fabric 001newark fabric 003

a long piece of pale pink embroidered silk

newark fabric 004

Sanderson hunting scene

newark fabric 008

and the most fabulous 50’s panel, South of France, Venice?

newark fabric 009newark fabric 010  

Even though there is too much red in this for me I may have to keep the smaller panel for a huge cushion, it is just so happy and sunny.

Lastly I found this lovely off white Edwardian garland, the lady told me that it was a bridal waist corsage. It is very small and I can wear it as a headband or neckpiece. Should I keep it, sell it or split it down for individual flowers?

newark fabric 016newark fabric 017


  1. I'm am so jealous of these textile finds. What price the venice/boaty piece, please send email. Ta.Cx

  2. I think it would be a shame to split the garland, it looks beautiful.