Saturday, 10 December 2011

Decorations and a new home for Tweedy–Woo

decorations 2011 001

Yes I know that I am not fond of pink, but my rose scented candles inspired this arrangement. The silver plate tray was for sale, however the scalloped shell edges spoke to me…….pale pink roses and vintage baubles complete the look.

decorations 2011 002

 decorations 2011 003

Mum, Florence and I  have been foraging and found these lichen covered fruitwood branches, hey presto a decorative tree, and who has decided to roost in a new spot? Look closely and it’s Tweedy-Woo…..

decorations 2011 004

Tweedy is a dear little chap handmade and given to me by my amazingly artistic friend Woo click  and have a look at the lovely things that she creates.

  decorations 2011 005

I finally managed to find some “crown” lights in Tesco and make this decoration for my Mum to have on her mantlepiece, she will have it on to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Finally my kitchen has some deer and a reindeer antlers. I do have an outside decoration but it isn’t fiinished yet as the in-house electrician hasn’t wired an outside plug yet!

 decorations 2011 006


  1. Glad you found some Tesco crown lights Tracey! They have sold out in our local store....I would like to think it was my fault, but probably not...
    Love your tree and antlers....fab!
    Julie x

  2. Love the tray with the scallop shells and the crown lights!

  3. blimmin' electricians...never around when you need one!

  4. how delight ful ,you just made my morning! i am roses mad ! love the tree too !

  5. Gorgeous decorations,Tracey!! I love Tweedy! ;-)x

  6. Love your style! Gorgeous decorations.

  7. Gorgeous! All festive and twinkly with a vintage twist :-)