Monday, 8 August 2011

Remember this?

6 jan10 snow 029
Poor Flo remembers last winter, at some times the ice balls that collected on her legs were so large that at times she was walking as though she was wearing four splints.
tom jan 10 033
After such exhausting exercise she would come back and dream of warmer times…
cream teas and exploring
may 09 093may 09 118
ice creams and boating (car ferry)
may 09 124may 09 136 
rock climbing and paddling
may 09 145may 09 137 
sunbathing and snoozing
may 09 173may 09 175
Flo’s dreams have inspired me and although she is off to Whitstable soon, and I will then be off to travel through Russia, I think that M deserves a holiday in January again, so I have my thinking cap on, I bet you can’t imagine where I am dreaming of???