Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Practice makes perfect

Kempton 001

Well maybe not perfect, but practice certainly helps if you are standing at a fair that you haven’t done before, so this was my job on Monday. I decided to try and cut down on props so have used the back of the van as a table rather than some where for the staff to sit!…….Tuesday after a 3am start and a 1 3/4 hour drive we arrived at Kempton, Sunbury on Thames.

After unloading quickly my lovely salesman was ready to go…..

 Kempton 006

What is handy is that as trading starts at 6.30am it is mostly finished by lunchtime, which means that our M3/M25/A40….journey home is not at 5-6pm.

Kempton 002Kempton 001

folded on this rail is the most beautiful linen cover, single bed size or double bed top, or large table, it is hand embroidered with beautifully faded styalised flowers and birds in silk, probably by a memsahib in turn of the century India, and handed down through the family.

Kempton 004Kempton 003

the WW1 campaign bed caused much interest but alas came home, at one point I thought that it may have been off to Japan!

 Kempton 007Kempton 005

Oh and of course lots of fabrics.

Kempton 009Kempton 008

Kempton 012Kempton 011Kempton 010


  1. well done you two !!! looks ace
    we are off to Ardingly next week xxxxxLinda

  2. well done, your stall looks fab. That is a real achievement at kempton as you have so little time and it all takes place so flipping early! xx

  3. Great idea to use the back of the van for display and perfect for hanging your chandeliers....
    Julie x

  4. Thank you for your blog comment. Beaney style hats are on order! I should have some soon! xx

  5. It all looks stunning..............I want it all!