Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Old Pill Factory today

topf 17 july 2011 009
In the window today my vintage cushions and an old bench and stool painted in Annie Sloan.
In my unit I have moved things around and have added 2 chandeliers and the 2 beautiful crystal table lamps.
topf 17 july 2011 001topf 17 july 2011 002
topf 17 july 2011 003topf 17 july 2011 004topf 17 july 2011 005topf 17 july 2011 006topf 17 july 2011 007topf 17 july 2011 008
Sorry, phone photos again! Although I think you get the picture!


  1. love the Annie Sloan lilac-y colour, altho its a shade I dodn't usually "go" for.

    You'd be very proud of Mark- he came home on Monday with a fab 50s carpet that he'd pulled out of a skip!
    Just waiting for it to stop raining so it can get opened out in the garden and have a shampoo because it'll fit our sitting room PERFECTLY, even down to the fact that the small worn patch will go under the sofa YAY!


  2. Hello Tracey, hope you are well and have had a good summer. The OPF is looking very sparkly with all your wonderful lighting.
    I had such a laugh at Shirley's comment about Sean Bean and his sword... hope you gave her ALL the details! ;)xx