Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tea for two

I haven't seen my friend Jane for a few months now despite the fact that by car she lives about four minutes away!

I am busy here & there, and she has two lovely young boys Josh & Roo (and a surprisingly helpful hubby!), Matt who runs a landscaping business Castle Acre & a beautiful old fashioned plant nursery "GROW". So we do not have cause to bump into each other even at the supermarket (which I hate, but we do not have an abundance of nice individual shops here, that moan can wait for another day!), as Jane has hers delivered by a rather upmarket one! We did go swimming together once a week but I can't face it in this cold damp weather, Jane how ever continues, making me feel more guilty/unfit/fat etc.... oh well another jumper will cover the muffin top!

At the start of the week she prompted me to come out of my self-induced "communication blackspot", so I invited her around for tea this morning after swimming, (I couldn't go as I am painting tables....mmm?!)
ready for tea & mince pies
Flo, desperately under nourished waits for a crumb!

The tea table was set & kettle boiled, and then the text that she had run out of time (as mums do), so I called my mum who came over for tea & one of the mince pies that she had donated in the first place! Mum has now gone home to continue re-vamping a chandelier, our new enterprise which will be appearing soon, and I am off to continue painting.......

Whilst listening to R2 this morning I heard George Michaels song for Christmas (as usual I have forgotten the name) and one by Chris Rea (it had heaven in the title) the first being lovely, the second being thought provoking, try & find them and listen to them...........


  1. Poor Flo! You really should feed that dog! ;-)


  2. Love the bauble jars! I've been doing the same thing at home for a few years now ... since Leo and Leya our twin ragdoll cats arrived in fact! They have a lively interest in everything that can be tweaked, rolled and bitten so the jars are just right for us:)
    Lesley X

  3. Mmm,tea and mince pies- how festive!I envy you living in the Cotswolds it is one of my favourite places on earth!
    Happy painting,
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  4. Oh, Flo is so sweet how could you deny her a bit of mince pie. I love your vintage baubles in the big glass jar they look great.
    Ann x

  5. I love that piece of driftwood which you are going to use as a coat hook. Just my sort of thing!