Sunday, 27 December 2009

Happy New Year

Hello to everyone, and thank you to my followers, I am so happy to have gained a few more of you in the past few days, it is so nice to know that people out there like my musings ?!
I always feel that the New year starts on the 26th, and I can't wait for the trappings to disappear, so I decided to show you alternative pics from the season, however I just had to show you my makeshift Christmas table, as we were by the sea, I took this fantastic fabric as a cloth and then Mum found the side plates in a junk shop. we added bits n bobs from the beach for the decorations.

My side bar pics are some of the lovely things that we have seen on our hols! If you are new to my blog, I love peeling paint and rusty metal !
The next pictures are from Christmas Day (coincidence, but what some lovely light).........

Rainbow over Brixham (the view from our cottage)

The light & water were so clear

Teenangel on the rocks!
I am currently blogging to "Frankie say Greatest" & Will Young "The Hits", as I wasn't allowed to listen to them on the way home in the new van , four hours listening to Sports commentary, it's too much!

Always hungry.............................grey & calling for food..............

So we are back from Brixham and we enjoyed every minute, the Cotswolds were freezing while we were away, we had days of Mediteranean warmth and sun (we are usually in Dahab at this time of year and are used to the warmth), so it was lovely.
Harbour lights at night

and lastly...........

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  1. Gorgeous post Tracey - and Happy New Year to you, too! Haven't we had some glorious Christmas weather in the South. Beautiful blue skies although today is dull and grey and wet!

    All best wishes to you all

    Sue x