Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Home comfort for Florence & looking forward to Spring

Florence travels with us a lot (when we can find places to stay that accomodate dogs), in Brixham we have stayed at http://www.raddicombelodge.co.uk/ and are renting Harbour Breeze over the holidays http://www.devonandfrance.co.uk/, both owned by Grahame and Kay.
brekki at Raddicombe
We do love to stay at http://www.brooksidebrixham.co.uk/ but Flo can not stay here, so we haven't been for a while even though I miss the bacon & pancakes with berries & maple for brekkie!
brekki & afternoon tea @ Brookside

Back to the point, as Michael's new van arrives on Thursday we will be travelling in that for most of our trips from now on (as we always cram my Peugeot full) and when I hit the fairs again in January. So Florence needs something shabby chic inspired & comfy as she is getting on a bit, so here she is in her travelling bed......

The basket is old and falling apart, bound together with old string, the lovely fleecy pale blue blanket with satin trim was a car booty find and I have made the cushion with a lovely lilac vintage blanket and have added her name, ( my mum saw it and has ordered one each for Daisy & Mini (the other 2 prisoners, see the pic in the side bar). At home Florence sleeps in a lovely willow basket with feather cushion and mohair check blankets, I'm afraid that we have to rough it a bit in the van! But it can be worth it......

As my teenangel is nearly 16, Christmas isn't quite the same as when he was a little tot, however rather than pressies we decide to have some time away and rent a cottage in the harbour at Brixham (we usually go to the Sinai & dive the Red Sea) however Tom wanted to do some sea fishing & we all love to be by the sea so hopefully it will be wonderful for all....
In the meantime I at this time of year I long for the spring, so here are a few ideas to inspire for planting......

This last picture is of a fantastic nesting box and feeder, isn't it cute?!

I have now got to do some sewing, as I made some blanket curtains for my mum's house yesterday (no heating at all) and she has asked for more please?! So I will have to be busy before I come back for my afternoon fix of tea & blogs (I will be making the mince pies today with the lovely carrot & almond mincemeat that we bought in Bridport, as Michael apparently is too busy to make them as promised! Not to eat them though!!!).
However my day will not be as stressful as the Teenangels as he has Geography, History & PE mock GCSE exams today.........I remember mine as though it were yesterday, although they were much more difficult in my day!!!


  1. I am crazy about the nexting box and feeder. I am an avid tea drinker much to the dismay of my coffee drinking, NYC dad. LOL. Florence is adorable and appears to be quite the seasoned traveler. I also travel with my dog whenever I can. I also have a no christmas tree display this year as I will be traveling over the holidays. I think you should start a share your non christmas tree post and see how many photos you receive. Thank you also for your kind comments on my most recent post. I hope I did not sound too maudlin, but this is where my heart was as I wrote. I just couldn't deny the emotion so I let it show in the posting. Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

  2. I love the photo of the dog laying down with Tom. Very cute.