Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nearly there…….


I have a small indoor pitch at Kempton on Tuesday and am taking the car, so being very tight on space I am hoping that all of this, M & I will fit in!!

Florence has asked to stay at home which is good as it may have been a toss up between her and the flask & sarnies, and I know which would win if it was up to M!!

The new header was taken last Friday evening at Lulworth cove where after leaving The Dairy House, Woo & myself went for a swim – IT WAS FANTASTIC!!

Maybe we will see you at Kempton?!


  1. love the header pic.. blissful! Good luck at Kempton tomorrow. Lizzie

  2. Visited Lulworth Cove many moons ago. It was beautiful. Your gorgeous picture does it justice.