Tuesday, 7 August 2012



I am still having trouble with everything and unfortunately my blog has suffered!

Today I am just posting some practice pics of a stall I am working on for an indoor pitch at Kempton next Tuesday 14th August.


The print tray holds an old collection of shells.


An old tin hatbox with bright blue inner



Only a few pictures, and taken in a dingy utility room, and not all of the stock, as I will be taking lighting and other bits that I am collecting from Dairy House this week.

But I thought that you might like to know that I am still here, but just too preoccupied with life at the moment!!

If you are coming to Kempton I we will be indoors in the Bronze ring, come and say hello!!

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  1. hopefully Kempton will be so awash with buyers that you'll sell it all before you've even set up!