Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hello little ones

fledglings 006

If you look very carefully in the tree there is a beautiful little nest, it is in a tree in the border of my Mum’s garden, opposite my back door, we have been very lucky in watching the pair nest and then raise their chicks on a daily basis, they watch our comings and goings and are not disturbed by us.

fledglings 005

I had to stand on  a kitchen chair to take these pictures but they didn’t mind.

Mum and I were having a teabreak this afternoon when Mrs landed on a tree a few away, she was calling to her chicks who, one by one fluttered their little wings and hopped onto a branch. Each one fluttered and flew off with it’s Mum, I have never witnessed this before and I must say it was wonderful.

fledglings 009fledglings 010fledglings 011fledglings 013fledglings 014fledglings 015fledglings 017

The only small problem is that out of the five chicks there is a runt, and when he took off this afternoon he only made it to the back garden, he was struggling, however made it onto a low roof to wait for Mum to return, we are hoping that Mum comes back to collect him before nightfall.

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, listening to the chirrups and watching them flutter.


  1. Hi Tracy,
    Mr HH and I are obsessed with these birdies now! You haven't told us what do you know? Have you seen the parents, that would help (as the chicks usually don't have the same vivid colouring so are harder for us to identify). Our current guess is goldfinch or siskin. Please fill us in! Thanks for the super photos.
    Hen xxx

  2. P.S. Sorry realise some of my message reads as gobbleydegook!
    Hen x

  3. what great photos- how long were you balancing on the kitchen chair?!

    Teddy, the horse I had before Bruce had house-martins nesting in the rafters above his stable and their maiden flight each year was down from the rafters on to his back, rest and catch their breath and then back up to the rafters again. Trouble is they always wanted to be "lighter" for the homeward journey so he had white patches all over his rump!

    Hows it going at DH? When are yo down next?

  4. We've got baby goldfinch this year - haven't managed to photograph them though. Great photos.

  5. I have just been watching daddy Blackbird feeding his baby and I'm also lucky enough to have sparrows nesting in my bird house. A few years ago I was honoured to have a wren nest in one of those rustic houses you can buy. She had six babies and on the day they fledged I was able to follow them down the garden, going from shrub to shrub, with mum and dad calling to them, until they reached the spinney at the bottom of our garden. It was just wonderful!

  6. I have been reliably informed that it is a family of Chaffinches.
    T x