Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Old Pill Factory yesterday….

OPF 037OPF 001OPF 002OPF 003OPF 004OPF 005OPF 006OPF 007OPF 008OPF 011OPF 012OPF 013OPF 015OPF 017OPF 014OPF 016OPF 018

OPF 020OPF 019OPF 021OPF 022OPF 023OPF 024OPF 025OPF 026OPF 027OPF 028OPF 029OPF 030OPF 031OPF 032OPF 033OPF 034OPF 035OPF 036

Just a quick visit today, I hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! One day I might get there. But more likely the Dairy House sometime soon. Good Luck in that venture, if I haven't already wished it for you. (Difficult times for me just now, but will be back in April - looking forward to seeing you in Frome!)