Sunday, 11 March 2012

Come in–The Old Pill Factory today

TOPF 032
TOPF 001TOPF 002TOPF 003TOPF 004TOPF 006TOPF 005TOPF 007TOPF 008TOPF 009TOPF 010TOPF 011TOPF 012TOPF 013TOPF 014TOPF 016TOPF 015TOPF 017TOPF 018TOPF 019TOPF 020TOPF 021TOPF 022TOPF 023TOPF 024TOPF 025TOPF 027TOPF 028TOPF 029TOPF 030TOPF 026TOPF 031TOPF 033TOPF 034TOPF 035TOPF 036TOPF 037TOPF 038TOPF 039
I hope that you enjoyed your visit. I have some exciting news next time…..


  1. I enjoyed my visit very much, and one day I have promised myself to visit it in person, it looks so inviting with lots of lovely items to buy! Better start saving!

  2. your pictures are like looking through a magazine article!
    can't wait for the 'citing news...

  3. It all looks amazing such gorgeous photo's and what a load of goodies to buy. I could hours i think moouching ;-) dee x