Wednesday, 21 March 2012

In the garden today

Florence was supervising from my Mum’s garden today.

garden march 003garden march 005

At the moment the magnolia is in bud and flowering, mmm the poor thing is early again which means we will be having another hard frost soon – sod’s law!

The borders are a riot of yellow and mauve, and the scent is wonderful, narcissi and hyacinths, a handy hint, if you are not aware, when shop bought hyacinths have finished flowering do not throw them away, plant them out, a great amount of these in the border are ones that I have had in the house.

garden march 006garden march 008garden march 009garden march 011garden march 012garden march 014 

The spot with the angels is where our lovely old chap Wallace is now


he now resides in this quiet corner with daffs & snowdrops and later on in the year he is surrounded with beautiful arum lilies.

garden march 013

If you have been following me for a while you may remember the path that Michael and I laid for my Mum, made from reclaimed bricks and tiles it has settled in nicely and is now being colonised by these beautiful violets.

garden march 016garden march 017 

After the supervising of the tour, surely it is time for tea?

garden march 019


  1. I have hyacinths and tete-a-tete daffs just outside my kitchen window that have all been house pot gifts.
    If my memory was better I'd be able to remember who gave them to me every time I look out!

  2. Gorgeous spring colour T! And its been so warm again today...I wonder if we will have more frosts yet? Probably saving itself for the Easter break! ;-))

    The Pill Factory is looking fab...I hope to get there this year!
    Niki x

  3. Lovely pictures. Do be careful of the Violets though, they are thugs and can crowd out favourites.