Friday, 10 February 2012

soon to be…..

weston 04 & summer 07 022weston 04 & summer 07 028
I came across these pictures of Tom (2007), it was our first holiday in Malta with Michael as part of our family. Tom was 13, in a few weeks he turns 18, how many of us look through old pictures wondering how our beautiful little boys have grown up so quickly?
weston 04 & summer 07 024


  1. I certainly know what you mean Tracey, Louis is also 18 in April and it only seems like five minutes ago he was a tiny baby...where does the time go?

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    2. I made a spelling mistake in the previous comment, yes Jo it makes me sad in a way now that my baby has turned into a young man.

  2. OOOh.... I know how you're feeling,,,, very emotional xx

  3. Big hugs! i know the feeling well. xxx

  4. I also know how you feel, Trixie! It can be so hard with a son as you know that you have to let him grow up and be a man!! (And then let go when he finds that special girl! )
    Hugs from me xxx;-)