Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dairy House Antiques

Dairy House 007Dairy House 004

Just pictures today. This week I went to visit Dairy House Antiques in Semley near Shaftesbury, Dorset. It is a treasure trove of all sorts of loveliness and also a rather beautiful building.

Dairy House 005Dairy House 010Dairy House 012Dairy House 013Dairy House 014Dairy House 015Dairy House 016Dairy House 018Dairy House 020Dairy House 021Dairy House 022Dairy House 023Dairy House 024Dairy House 025Dairy House 026Dairy House 027Dairy House 028Dairy House 029Dairy House 030Dairy House 031Dairy House 032Dairy House 033Dairy House 034Dairy House 035Dairy House 036Dairy House 037Dairy House 038Dairy House 039Dairy House 040Dairy House 042Dairy House 043Dairy House 044Dairy House 045Dairy House 046Dairy House 047Dairy House 049Dairy House 050Dairy House 051Dairy House 052Dairy House 053Dairy House 054Dairy House 055Dairy House 056Dairy House 057Dairy House 060Dairy House 061Dairy House 070Dairy House 071Dairy House 072Dairy House 073Dairy House 078

I hope that you enjoyed your visit, I did.

If you see anything that you love, contact Sue or Woo


  1. Lots of loveliness indeed and I love the black and white floor.
    Thanks for the tour...just wish I lived nearer.
    Julie x

  2. Great photos trix! Glad you had an enjoyable visit. Lizzie xx

  3. Wow, seen some very lovely things. I will defiantly put it on my to visit list.

  4. great pics- next time you're down this way we should meet up for coffee and a natter. Are you selin again at the Dairy House Textile day?

    1. Yes Miss Bunny,I am & I would like that very much.
      T x