Monday, 9 November 2009

Last weekend's goodies........

Although the BBC weather predicted that there would be no rain, the poor people at the Malvern flea market found otherwise, it was that thick drizzle that gets you very wet, however many stands had taken the inside options. I was surprised to see so many mixed stalls of bric a brac & not many specialist shabby chic/interiors, there were a couple but it really wasn't very inspiring. I spoke to a few friends there who say they usually have good days so I am going to book for the first one of the new year ( I can't do the December one because we will be at the seaside in a lovely harbour cottage in Brixham, it will be different from the last 3 years when we have been diving in the Sinai). I am looking forward to starting up markets again after a number of years doing other things. Anyway I didn't find much but the things that I did were lovely..... 
                                  The cake plate (1931) is unusual being an Imari  style design rather than floral chintz......
                                                                                                                                                       Galvanised bins are what we use in our garden to plant figs trees in, they restrict the growth and can be moved around to suit, our garden lacks trees & this is a great solution. The french tub is lovely, and I am not quite sure what to do with it yet!
 My other buys were a lovely enamel topped cupboard which I intend to keep here until I can put it in my seaside cottage, a lovely 60's shell pink alarm clock, a few nice textiles,a nice old Nat.geo map of N.America, which I will frame as I collect maps and a bag full of Jerusalem artichokes, I think it may have to be soup again as I am not sure what else I can do with them! Florence and I settled down for the afternoon and made the big lilac cushions from the wool blankets, I finished them with pale blue buttons that I bought from Gail, a fellow "vintage lady"!


  1. Funny...we went on Sunday too & I was also disappointed. I usually do much better but only came home with a few things. You'll have to let me know when you are there (and where) as we go to most of them.

    See you on Saturday!


  2. You had me at diving in the Sinai. I hope to do so one day. Sounds like you move around as much as I do. Love it though, so many wonderful people in this world. One of the things I love about blogging is that you make new friends in so many countries. I will swim on over often to see what you are up to. Sea Witch

  3. Hello Tracey,
    Thank you for visiting my I have found you! I sometimes get to Malvern...I love a good rummage at a flea market. The enamel topped cupboard that you found is wonderful.
    Good luck when you have a stand next year,
    Oh yes, and I love Devon too...had several holidays over the year at or near Brixam.

  4. Thank you for your kind words about my recent posting. I heartfully agree with you regarding letters of communication today. Words must be chosen and shared carefully because you can never take them back once you have shared them. I'm not sure who specifically you are speaking about in this regard but I can make a list starting with my President who truly needs a lesson in words chosen well. Sea Witch