Friday, 13 November 2009

Its raining again.......

Yesterday I promised Florence a nice walk, however by the time that I tore myself away from the blogs of the V&H gang, the heavens had opened & we didn't go. We have just come back, in the drizzle, and she has had to have a wash & brush up! When I go away I always take my camera because I love taking pictures, anything colourful & textural, however close to home I don't generally bother, but today I did.

We used to have a lovely old plum orchard here which appears to have disappeared overnight, they may replant?! It did look like this old cider apple orchard where Flo likes to chase the windfalls & I bring some home, I thought that I would make an apple, toffee & cinnamon bread & butter pud for tea today.

So as I did have my camera I started to look and there were no end of interesting (to me) things, a broken gnome that someone had thrown on a bonnie, peeling rusty paint & one brightly coloured choisia. I hope that you like them, sometimes things are right on your doorstep!!

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