Saturday, 5 January 2013

First January buys


Not such an early start, however it was pitch black when we arrived, Why are the mornings so dark at the moment?

Anyway first buy, a pair of framed educational prints, just as light was breaking through, I never buy in the dark it is when mistakes occur but I knew that these wouldn’t be there too long…I also bought a fabulous set of industrial drawers….these items will be making there way to Dairy House soon.

On our way back, we popped into a little upmarket junk shop that has recently opened near to where we live. I go in nearly everyday as Martyn that owns it is always bringing new stock in.

I went to collect this teaset,  although I don’t usually buy them, with Spring just around the corner I felt compelled, he did have the most beautiful Victorian one in fine white bone china with a molded design and pale blue floral decoration but by the time I phoned him back it was sold……if you see it buy it….he who hesitates….


OBVIOUSLY I didn’t just collect the teaset, he had brought in a nice pair of oars, what is a girl to do??????

Off to Malvern tomorrow to hopefully fill the van, and then next week a trip to Station Mill and one to Dairy House.

Oh I love the Spring….busy, busy, busy.


  1. I shall potter round Malvern tomorrow - we're suffering a tea cup and dinner plate shortage! Lovely tea set - really spring like.

    1. ....just what I thought Jee, and the Beeb just said the weather will be okay!

  2. industrial drawers?
    oh Tracey, I always had you down as a frilly M&S girl...

  3. Mark said he`d love to find a pair of "oars" or at least I think that``s what he said!!

    1. This pair are Danish, slim & very tactile....just what Monsieur is wishing for!!